Learn not just what to do with social media but exactly how to do it!


Marketers can expect to learn how to use social media to get more clients, customers and sales for their business or for their clients. You’ll learn not just what to do with social media but exactly how to do it as well as plenty of networking with likeminded businesses.
Social Day is the Perfect event for Marketers, Social Media and Digital Managers, PR Companies and Business owners undertaking their own social media marketing.

Tickets include:

CPD Certification (Certificate awarded after event)
7 Hours of Talks
Lunch / Drinks Included
Access to Online Training for 1 year
Access to Social media tool discounts and trials
You’ll learn from some of the UK’s best social media and content marketing professionals.
Plenty of Networking Opportunities
VIP Mixer / Party / networking after event

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London Programme 16th June

Day 1
16 Jun 2017

Welcome Your Host Inadequate Chris

Our mission at SocialDay is to create the best event experience for all those who work in and around Social Media Marketing!
Chris Ayres (Inadequate Chris)


Chris Ducker talks to us about the value of personal branding, why it's important and how to achieve. Chris has may years experience he is going to share with you his journey and talk about the valuable lessons he has learned. The No ‘BS’ Guide to Building the Business of YOU! Chris delves deep into the strategies he’s used to build an incredibly successful and profitable personal brand business. From content marketing to relationship building and monetization… all served up with a massive slice of humor!
Chris Ducker

How to get high profile press coverage for your biz without hiring a #PR firm

Whether you’re looking to attract more customers, raise cash – or just make more people aware of what you do – being featured in places like the Guardian, Huffington Post or Psychologies magazine, or landing a spot on BBC Breakfast or Sky News, will help you get there quicker. Janet has one of the top business podcast and shares with her audience each week top tips from her friends in the industry (Editors and broadcasters from some of the largest news outlets) With an award-winning career in journalism Janet is well placed to give you the inside secrets to getting those valuable column inches, regardless of them being in print, online or on the television.

Inside Twitter

Head of Twitter EMEA Bruce Daisley talks exclusively to SocialDay delegates about the best ways businesses can use the Twitter platform. Bruce will give us the lowdown on what we should be doing to drive engagement and showing us how large brands achieve this. What the analytics of audience behaviors are on twitter (you are not going to get this kind of insight anywhere else). We will also get to hear what is in store, as Bruce gives his view on what type of content we should be producing. All this from the man who sets the Twitter strategy in EMEA.

Break & Refreshments

Our Morning break, we will serve coffee and tea in the foyer, you will have a chance to get refreshed and network with fellow delegates and speakers.

Virtual Reality and the future of social media

Award-winning broadcaster and Virtual Reality guru Sarah Jones talks us through what is out in the market and how VR and Augmented Reality are set to shift the way we look at Social Media and engaging with target markets. Sarah has done extensive work at Coventry University with 360 films for immersive storytelling and viewer experience. Sarah will bring to the room insight with what she has discovered and talked about some of the lessons that can already be applied in today's marketing. Sarah also founded @VRGirlsUK. Sarah has just finished spending two days in virtual reality withDean Johnson to show the public its full potential and test out new experiences. The 48-hour challenge will see them experience a range of activities from meditation to testing pain management by getting a tattoo.

Customer Experience and The Joy Of Understanding

I enjoy working in the social media space but I have noticed a very real and increasingly apparent ‘dumbing down’ in the space. The overdone ‘Top Tips For Twitter’ blogs, ‘40 Influencers You Should Follow For X, Y or Z’ articles, They no longer grip my attention like they used to. My attention is elsewhere. As controversial as it may sound and while I know these articles still have a big place for business, personally, I just want more. I want to know what you ache for, what you stand for, I want to understand you, I want to know what your greater purpose is. I want more than for you to sell me something or to have me jump on board your latest course or product offering.
Victoria Taylor


As an accomplished design leader, writer, presenter, BBC tech pundit and Head of Innovation at Brandwidth, Dean Johnson is shaping the connected future for Film, TV, Automotive, Publishing, Music, Education and Leisure sectors with the emphasis on user experience and engagement. Dean is a Fellow and former VP of the Chartered Society of Designers and a Mentor for the British Fashion Council and Startup Sesame.
Dean Johnson – Head of Innovation, Brandwidth


Lunch will be provided and you have plenty of time to network with fellow delegates and speakers.

Avoiding Content Crickets: How to Create Share-worthy Content People Love

Andrew and Pete will take you through how to create really awesome content (even if the subject is a bit, well, dull) Fresh from Social Media Marketing World in San Diego and Social Day Birmingham, this award-winning partnership will help you and your clients get engagement and traction when it comes down to the nitty gritty, your content. You can have the best strategy in the world, you can execute it perfectly but if your contents dull, well its dull and will not be shared!

Livestream Success

Amrit Singh gives us the lowdown on getting Livestream success, Amrit's livestreams have attracted over 2,500,000 views (and growing). In this session, we will look at what you need to do to achieve grabbing audience attention and Amrit will take us through his case study. As an award-winning designer and artist Amrit has some unique content and has developed a strong following. We also look at what is takes to maintain and grow a community.

The biggest revolution in video since the television: STORIES

Sumaiya Omar is a social media consultant and founder of HashtagOurStories. Her company specialises in outsourcing video post-production services to emerging markets, reducing costs for media houses and easing digital workflows so creatives can focus on telling better stories.
Sumaiya Omar

Break & Networking

Refreshment break and networking in the foyer

Growth Hacking live – boost your marketing in real time

Vin Clancy the master of Growth Hacking takes you through his tips and tools that you need to kick start your marketing. Vin will go through the elements you need to understand, then look at the tools and what it takes, he concentrates years of techniques, strategies, and useful software tips into a short talk any company, startup, or brand can get immediate value from. Attendants typically leave with pages of notes and ideas they can execute on immediately. "Growth hacking live: How to boost your marketing in real-time"

Influencer Marketing Panel

The SocialDay Influencer marketing panel has representatives from all aspects of Influencer marketing, they will be answering audience questions to demystify this marketing approach and arm you with the tools you need to navigate and implement this growing strategy. We will look at the issues that have arisen through poor understanding in some quarters.
Craig Fox
Philip Brown
Harry Hugo
Daniel Knowlton


After a day of learning and enlightenment, delegates have the opportunity to join the team and speakers at the Montcalm Royal London House, Finsbury Square for networking and drinks. Canapés...
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