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Disrupt or be Disrupted

27 Apr 2017

Disrupt or be Disrupted

Sales, marketing and technology are all becoming one, and to get the best out of all of this we must win the mind of the customer and put them at the centre of our business. No longer is push based marketing working effectively and It is time to embrace disruption and technology.

Times have changed, people and business have changed and technology is at the very heart of this. Understanding the impact of technology on business today and how it is destroying and creating new industries on a daily basis is key to business growth and survival going forward.

88% of the fortune 500 have disappeared completely since 1955 and with Instagram being purchased for 1 billion dollars less than 18 months after launch, times have certainly changed.

This talk will talk about how to position yourself ready for change, who are your new competitors and how to ensure you stay relevant throughout the most disruptive times in our history.