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Inside Twitter

16 Jun 2017
10:45 - 11:15
Main room

Inside Twitter

Head of Twitter EMEA Bruce Daisley talks exclusively to SocialDay delegates about the best ways businesses can use the Twitter platform. Bruce will give us the lowdown on what we should be doing to drive engagement and showing us how large brands achieve this.  What the analytics of audience behaviors are on twitter (you are not going to get this kind of insight anywhere else).

We will also get to hear what is in store, as Bruce gives his view on what type of content we should be producing.  All this from the man who sets the Twitter strategy in EMEA.

For now, enjoy some of our favorite questions Bruce answered in a recent interview with the Guardian 

How can a business build its profile on Twitter?

Some companies employ outside providers to build their business profile for them, but those that do it well listen as well as talk. We advise celebrities – and the same advice would apply to businesses – to be aware of news stories that are breaking before they tweet. [As a business], feel free to retweet others’ comments and share links to others’ content. That’s the pattern of behavior of real people, and the more a business can emulate it the better.

What have been the biggest trends in social media in 2016, and what do you expect in 2017?

It’s been fascinating to see how our experience of humour and comedy is changing. Increasingly the way many of us who use social media see comedy isn’t watching a sitcom, but seeing a meme or gif sitting in our timeline – then we watch the joke evolve over the day. It’s how people connect with each other, and one way businesses can connect with people.

It’s going to be another year of video growth in 2017, particularly on mobile: 90% of all content consumed on Twitter is on people’s phones.

If you think about the way people see video [on social media], maybe they’re scrolling through, the sound is off, but the video catches their eye. I’ve seen video used fantastically by restaurants, for example, to give a sense of the venue’s ambiance.

There has been an explosion of interest in live streaming this year, and we’ve seen more brands using it. The critical thing for any company is to consider how they can benefit from a live stream and what it will add [to their customer’s or potential customer’s experience].

How has Twitter changed customer service?

Ultimately, Twitter is a medium of truth. If you are delivering bad customer service, no one should be surprised to hear that people are talking about it being bad.

If you want to improve your service, then Twitter is a really powerful place to do that. Anyone who commutes to London will find that their experience is difficult. So what’s been interesting for me over the last 12 months is that people who commute into London have been able to find others in the same situation.

How can small businesses work with social media influencers?

It works best when partnerships feel authentic. We’ve probably all witnessed someone posting something like how they’ve enjoyed a deliciously creamy yogurt, with the brand’s hashtag – when a post doesn’t seem authentic it can be jarring. Try to find a partnership that seems plausible and sincere.