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Dumbing Down, Customer Experience And The Joy Of Understanding In The Attention Economy

16 Jun 2017
12:00 - 12:30
Main room

Dumbing Down, Customer Experience And The Joy Of Understanding In The Attention Economy

Dumbing Down, Customer Experience And The Joy Of Understanding In The Attention Economy.

The Nobelist Pleasure Is The Joy Of Understanding’ — Leonardo De Vinci

This quote has always resonated with me, it’s message lies at the heart of the core values of my own small business. Understanding is everything.

The past few months have been an incredibly transformative time as far as personal and business growth goes. I have always been a very intense person, I like to understand. Understand you, understand what makes you happy, what makes you sad, angry, elated, motivated, what makes you connect with me and choose to connect with me when there are a billion other people on the planet offering out hands for connection, attention and the privilege of building a relationship with you.

The Shift In My Attention

I enjoy working in the social media space but I have noticed a very real and increasingly apparent ‘dumbing down’ in the space. The overdone ‘Top Tips For Twitter’ blogs, ‘40 Influencers You Should Follow For X, Y or Z’ articles, They no longer grip my attention like they used to. My attention is elsewhere. As controversial as it may sound and while I know these articles still have a big place for business, personally, I just want more. I want to know what you ache for, what you stand for, I want to understand you, I want to know what your greater purpose is. I want more than for you to sell me something or to have me jump on board your latest course or product offering. I want more than to be expected to believe you when you say someone is an influencer because you say they are. I want to know the reason why my attention should be given when it is limited and, I want to know why I should be considered worthy of your attention when you very kindly give it to me. Believe me, it has led me to a lot of souls searching, self-understanding and evaluating why I’m no longer motivated or captivated by the content that used to captivate me.

It is not just blog posts, it is live video, live stream, any form of content where it is content for content’s sake. I believe that my personal need for understanding, for finding a much deeper meaning and purpose in what you stand for has developed from the overwhelming amount of content that is being delivered to me daily across various social networks. I want and crave something different. In understanding this myself, it has impacted upon the relationships with my clients and how we are able to be far more creative in connecting, growing and deepening relationships with their clients ultimately creating much better experiences for them.

In the age of the attention economy, where my customers are everything to me, it becomes increasingly difficult to build loyalty when there are so many businesses all vying for attention.

Loyal customers keep my business going and growing because they help me to plan based on our relationship, their loyalty to me and ultimately, their returning revenue. But loyal customers don’t just appear on day one. Attention, trust, loyalty and relationships DO NOT happen overnight and they do not happen without understanding.

Join me at Social Day on 16th June where we look at the Customer Experience and why this is the fundamentaly the most important thing to rember in our communication.