Learn not just what to do with social media but exactly how to do it!

Virtual Reality and the future of social media

16 Jun 2017
11:35 - 12:00
Main room

Virtual Reality and the future of social media

Award-winning broadcaster and Virtual Reality guru Sarah Jones talks us through what is out in the market and how VR and Augmented Reality are set to shift the way we look at Social Media and engaging with target markets.  Sarah has done extensive work at Coventry University with 360 films for immersive storytelling and viewer experience.  Sarah will bring to the room insight with what she has discovered and talked about some of the lessons that can already be applied in today’s marketing. Sarah also founded @VRGirlsUK. Sarah has just finished spending two days in virtual reality withDean Johnson to show the public its full potential and test out new experiences. The 48-hour challenge will see them experience a range of activities from meditation to testing pain management by getting a tattoo.
Recent studies have revealed that nearly half of the public are keen to try virtual reality but don’t know where to start which was where the inspiration for the two-day experiment came from.

Dean Johnson said: “There has been much talk of virtual reality in the past few years as the next medium to go mainstream. But in our experience, a lot of people are put off trying it because they don’t understand how it works. So our aim is simple. By focusing attention on the wide range of virtual experiences and potential for the future we hope to encourage more people to simply experience more content. At Brandwidth we have a specialist VR team so we are at the forefront of how it is being used.”

Their itinerary included:

Real wing walk on an airplane
Go-karting track experience
Managing pain in VR by getting a tattoo (showing how deep VR immersion can distract from external stimulus)
Asos catwalk show

Watching short films

The pair have a strict regime in place to ensure they remain safe whilst being fully immersed in the technology. They take five minutes’ break every hour. Home base is Coventry University’s tech lab where they will also sleep with the headsets on to experience falling asleep and waking up in VR. All tasks including eating will be done in VR.