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Hax (Mike Hacker)

Hax (Mike Hacker)


Marketing has changed, it’s much more relational now. Look at any successful business and you’ll see this trend in their marketing. Whether we are a sole professional, a partnership, an SME or a large corporate, our customers are now researching online for our values and credibility over our service or product, BEFORE they contact us. How we come across in that initial research is the difference between gaining an enquiry or not.

That’s where video truly becomes effective. Driven by mobile technology, video has become the first choice not only when we want to be entertained, but when we want to research for information. Using video effectively is critical, otherwise it can become ineffective and costly. Stories I believe are the key.

My name is Mike Hacker, my nickname is Hax. I have been a filmmaker for over 25 years now, my work has been seen on the History Chanel, Animal Planet, and the AETN Group, including the Crime and Investigation network. I started Hax Media, to help business tell their stories in ways that get watched.

Every business has three stories that share their values and differentials and it’s those stories that will generate more leads and contribute to greater sales. I delve into my subjects to uncover those stories using documentary techniques. Then by understanding goals and objectives of the business, my team and I will formulate a strategy to maximise the return on investment.

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