Learn not just what to do with social media but exactly how to do it!

Lucy Hall

Co founder Socialday and Avviso Media

Lucy Hall

Co founder Socialday and Avviso Media
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Lucy has a passion for helping SMEs which is exactly what spurred her on to launch Social Day. Coming from a family of small businesses, Lucy has always been brought up to know the value of business and running your own show. Lucy is also a Director of Avvisomedia.com a digital marketing agency.  

Lucy offers advice and encouragement to small businesses and after running a Social Media Management agency for the last few years, she has developed an online coaching programme giving marketing advice to SMEs through Lucyshall.com.

Over the last 12 years, Lucy has gained unparalleled experience in online marketing and knows exactly what to do and how to do it when it comes to rocking your business online and being in control of your customers’ online experience!

More recently, Lucy has become involved in the Periscope community and often. Lucy is also a specialist in creating visual content for social media.

Lucy lives in Kent with her awesome husband and two beautiful daughters. When not working Lucy loves being outdoors exploring with the family, a good trashy novel and when the children allow an occasional night out. 

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